DSM: RE: Re: RE: Encouragement

Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 11:12:49 -0500

> I just thought of something else: I am the product of our public school
> system so maybe I need the encouragement to 'pump me up'. I am so used to
> 'needing' it. It makes me feel good to get it - like a drug. Maybe SVS
> kids don't need it because they aren't conditioned to need the external
> encouragement? Something to think about.

This is definitely one of the high truths of the matter. The obstacle I see
the most with folks that outright object that the model "works" is that they
are looking at it using only conventionally-schooled people as examples.
They have no idea how much inborn self that comes gushing out when the
barrage of external encouragement and guidance is abated, because their only
basis for comparison are students in environments filled with adults
frantically modeling and exposing and guiding.

Perhaps there are two types of experiences SM school founders had in their
own schooling: folks that never accepted their school, never played the
game, and withstood the conditioning (that describes me), and those that
played the game to perfection, bought into it in the extreme, and recognized
it later in life for the enslaving game it was (that describes many of my
Fairhaven co-founders)?

While within the process of realizing it was a game, many of the second
variety are astonished to see that which they considered the commonly
accepted truths of education and learning slowly peeling away; one of those
supposed "truths" is the importance (or, in my view, "dangers") of external


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