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CindyK (
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 11:46:24 -0500

Mike and Others,

I see that it can be very difficult to get your true meaning across in thse
emails. :) I'm still learning, so I hope I can clarify.

I don't have any of the previous posts as I delete them once I read them. I
also do realize that it is my perception that most comments have been on the
negative side when it comes to starting up a school. That may not truly be
the case, It's just what I have perceived. I guess I expected a little more
enthusiaism for someone who expressed such an interest but I'm beginning to
realize that you probably hear it all the time with no results.

Now, that observation lead me to wonder what role encouragement plays in the
schools themselves. I am trying to picture myself there with the students -
what am I doing? Are staff allowed to encourage students randomly for
something they are currently working on or are they more passive in their
role. Joe answered my question well, saying that there is encouragement for
present projects but that you wouldn't try to get a student to continue
something that they had dropped. I can see that and I pretty much do that.
I was just curious as to what happened. I was wondering if there was a
conscious effort not to encourage too much thereby making certain that any
interests were definitely the students and not external.

BTW, thanks Joe for the encouragement, I will do my best!

Always learning,

Mike Wrote:
Subject: Re: DSM: Encouragement

> Cindy,
> i find this a curious and interesting perception. I need to
> think about it and determine whether I agree with it before
> commenting further.
> I wonder whether you can cite the specific posts that carry
> the responses you indicate. I'd like to review them in the
> contest of this observation.
> This forum of course does not represent itself as any formal
> SVS or SVM position, but rather an open forum for
> individuals to share personal views. The encouragement you
> seek may require a better understanding of you, your
> motivation, and your understanding of the model, then can be
> easily realized from a few public forum postings. I know my
> personal discussions have included encouragement, but only
> in the context of the difficult realities of efforts to
> create an institution outside of societal norms.
> Institutional positions can only be found on the schools'
> web sites and (perhaps) in emails emanating from school
> correspondence, not in this forum.
> Mike

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