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I've seen a concept appear in a few posts over the last few weeks, the idea
that the frequency and manner in which folks communicate on this listserve
somehow correlates with the way staff conduct themselves in the schools. I
think it tends to butt up against the idea that some of us are somehow more
speaking for the model than speaking for themselves.

I want to reinfoce that this list is not a SM school, that we are all
speaking for ourselves and not the model, that those of us that work at the
schools often communicate in a manner and for reasons that we simply would
not at the schools.

For example, just because Jane Doe doesn't appear to be the least bit
supporting of John Doe's desire to build a school on this list CERTAINLY
does not mean she is unsupporting of students at her school.

I'm not sure if that's a conclusion you were drawing, Cindy, so I don't mean
to put words in your mouth. I just want to try to vanquish that sentiment
in general.


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I have noticed that there is very little encouragement involved with the
sudbury model. Whenever I have mentioned that I would like to start a
school I have been told: it's very difficult, you're better off moving
closer to one, not many people make it, etc... Now, I understand that it is
all true and I know that it weeds the garden. If, once people find out how
hard it is, and they still continue they will be more likely to succeed.
But is there no room for encouragement? I don't only mean with me. I mean
in the school. I know that the adults are to give the students room to
discover on their own. But is it a conscious effort not to encourage too
much? Is that part of the model? I believe in encouragement. Once my kids
show an interest in something, I try to encourage them to follow that
interest as long as it remains an interest. I tell them they can do
anything that they are interested in. I think that if I instead pointed out
all the difficulties, they may not even embark on the journey. My kids are
still young yet and maybe I am wrong.

This is just what I have noticed here and I would like to know if it applies
to the model. Where does encouragement fit into the Sudbury Model?

Thank you,

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