Re: DSM: How to properly guide?
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 15:27:59 EST

I have a four year old and an eight year old. My four year old does not write
her name. Right now, she doesn't need to, she is interested in lots of things
and mastering all sorts of new things everyday.
I believe that when she is ready, she will let me or someone else know.
Sending my daughter to a Sudbury School has meant letting go of the timeline
for things like reading and writing. It's difficult for me to not be
effected by other peoples expectations of what a child should have mastered
at what age.
The other day I was at the book store looking for a book for my two year old
niece just about every book wanted to teach either letters or numbers. Its
as though thats all a child should be interested in.
By the way good luck in Berkeley, Lucy. I live in Concord, and send my
daughter to Diablo Valley.

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