DSM: Why is SFS not on any of the Sudbury school links lists? (used to be: When is a school a Sudbury Model school?)

Jeanne Pickering (pickeringjeanne@hotmail.com)
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 11:36:01 -0000

I've decided to rephrase my subject line because the original was leading people astray from my intended questions.

I would like to know if there is a deliberate reason why the Second Foundation School is not included on the web site links of the schools that say they are Sudbury model schools

There is a myriad of possible answers that vary in what I might learn about the schools. One uninteresting one might be: the people who create the web site links lists just didn't know about SFS web site and so didn't include it. Another more interesting one might be: nobody at the Sudbury Model schools has ever known about or contacted SFS and nobody at SFS has ever known about or contacted any of the Sudbury model school people. An even more interesting answer might be: the people at the Sudbury Model schools who form the basis of the interaction between the SM schools know about and have deliberately chosen not to provide web site links (and/or other interactions) with SFS. Equally interesting might be the answer that SFS has asked not to be linked with the SM schools and/or chosen not to interact with them.

I agree that this subject has the potential to blow up into a discussion about "what is a Sudbury Model school?" I tried to write my email in such a way as to steer clear of that but I obviously failed right from the start.

Personally, I don't care about defining what is or isn't a Sudbury Model school. I care about two things: what type of learning environment might be best for my child at this moment in his life (which is not a question I am posing to this list) and does a particular school provide that learning environment.

It is the issue of what learning environment a particular school provides that is the impetus behind my question to this group. I believe that I might learn something about SFS and about the Sudbury Model schools if I knew that there had been a deliberate decision to not interlink or interact with each other and if I knew the reasons for that decision.

Jeanne Pickering

P.S. There is always the possiblity on an email discussion list of asking a question or making a statement that inadvertently blows up into something far beyond the original question or the intent of the originator. The frequency with which that explosion backfires onto the originator is high and is definitely a factor that keeps my participation on any email discussion list primarily in the lurker category. This phenomenon is not unique to this list but it's certainly common here.

So thank you to those who have responded already to my first email and my apologies for not being as clear as I'd hoped to be. I hope this second email firmly closes the lid on that explosive "can of worms."

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