Re: DSM: Another List?
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 20:13:47 EST

Dear John,

I doubt that spending a month with a School Planning Kit would catapult you
into the ranks of people working actively on starting schools. But, even if
it could, I am afraid the answer is not going to be a "yes", since we have no
other "test" of anyone's amount of immersion into the material except that
they have purchased it. And the demstartup list depends on having people
pretty much "on the same page" with knowledge about the model.

Does that seem unfair? Let me tell you a few things: Sudbury literature is
published, exclusively, at least in their English versions, so far as I know,
by the tiny Sudbury Valley School Press. Authors are paid no royalties, and
in general are not paid for their work. They do the work, and the Press does
the publishing, so that others outside of our little geographical area, can
find out about the ideas and decide how they feel about them. The little
Press needs the support of actual book purchasers to do the work that it
does. If you actually start a school, I can assure you that the $400 it now
costs to buy a School Planning Kit (it will go up soon) which includes about
$800 worth of material, will seem like a very small and a good investment.
There is a world of experience there.

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