Re: DSM: Another List?
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 18:09:37 EST

Hi John,

This is Stuart Williams-Ley from Cedarwood Sudbury School, responding to your
questions about Sudbury Valley School's School Starter Kit. Actually, the kit
does not really tell you how to start a Sudbury school. Mostly, the books and
tapes in the kit explore the philosophy and practice of education at Sudbury
Valley School. There is one book on starting a Sudbury school. Everything
else in the kit is material a school would want to retain even after it had
been up and running for years. This includes Sudbury Valley School's
operating manual, which our staff members frequently refer to, as well as
books, tapes, etc. that new parents and staff borrow and that even veteran
staff members periodically reread.

Even though I think you would find the book on starting a Sudbury school
useful, my guess is that other books and tapes would be more useful at this
point. These would include Free at Last, Kingdom of Childhood, A Paradigm
Shift in Education, Order in the School, and Play. Many of the other books
and tapes are wonderful, too, but the five I just listed would probably
enable you decide how much you want to start a Sudbury school.

If you bought some or all of these books and tapes and subsequently bought a
School Starter Kit, you would then have duplicates of everything you bought
separately. That's what happened to me. That was OK; you end up lending out
materials and not always getting them back.

If you wanted to borrow Cedarwood's copies of specific SVS books and tapes,
you could make your request to our Outreach Committee. Offhand I don't know
how likely we'd be to mail our books out.

Take care,


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