Re: DSM: Another List?

John Axtell (
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 10:55:09 -0800


You indicated that books, manuals, tapes are invaluable.

If I am thinking about starting a school and do not want to spend $ 400 to
review the material could I borrow some of the material that you are not using
for one month, or two weeks if I paid the postage both ways?

John Axtell wrote:

> Hi Rayner and CindyK,
> This is Stuart Williams-Ley, a staff member at Cedarwood Sudbury School in
> Santa Clara, CA. If you have questions about starting a Sudbury school, you
> might try e-mailing your questions to an existing school or two. Most of us
> would be glad to offer advice. Also, I recommend that you arrange to visit
> one of our schools; that's a way to get lots of questions answered in one
> fell swoop. Of course, you should also buy a school starter kit as soon as
> you can, because the books, manuals, tapes, etc. are invaluable.
> Good luck,
> Stuart

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