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>> This aspect
>> "humanity" is
>> not inborn and has to be modeled.

 on 12/7/00 1:54 PM, Joe Jackson at wrote:
> Robert,
> As I could not disagree with this statement more, and insofar as this idea
> is the fundamental basis for your feelings regarding the inadequacy of the
> model, I believe that I have discovered the root of our fundamental
> disagreement about what these schools should do for students.
> I am glad we have so much that we agree on!
> -Joe
Inborn in humans is the ability to be nourished and to be stimulated by the
five senses and by some sort of heart connection not understood. Given these
we also have the ability to evolve. This evolution is changes in brain
structure, body development, emotional development, and, according to recent
science, changes in the genetic code. Yes, we evolve genetically due to
environmental input! (Now we'll nerver know which came first, the chicken or
the egg?).

Inborn in humans is the possibility to evolve. This is huge. The limits of
evolution are set by nutrition and stimulation. If parents nourish and
evolve their own genetics that is a good start. Next, they can nourish and
stimulate the infant in the womb. The newborn needs the stimulus of loving
touch and warmth and gentle words, and a lack of other stimuli. After this
the child needs extreem variety of stimulation in a context of joy and love
so to open a wide variety of potentials into our world. At age eleven the
potentials focus that applied intelligence be developed in behalf of the
given environment and one's interests. Aspects of material survival then
become so fluid as to be second nature (not daily worry). Creativity is
given open reins. As a person thinks, so he is -- possibility.

A child raised by wolves would not speak, maybe not even walk. A child
raised by nervous parents will walk and talk but may never fully understand
peace and love and cooperation. A child raised by a loving world community
may speak twenty languages, be in complete peace, move without hesitation
into continued improvement of self as relative to a wholesome world, and
cooperate with others with a charm and grace that would befuddle us lizard
brains. This person's joy and excitement for life could power a creativity
lightyears advanced from our own. Imagine Einstein, Jesus and Cleopatra
holding hands as they skip down the street with the students from a Sudbury
school. They are not going anywhere. Within, they know they have arrived.
They found self because of who they are with.

It's all a matter of models,

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