DSM: Boredom

Susan Jarquin (jarquin@pacbell.net)
Thu, 07 Dec 2000 09:24:44 -0800

    One of the reasons that I am researching the Sudbury Model is that I am
extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of my children. After they leave their
traditional school and have free time, they have become extremely bored and
    We were not happy as homeschoolers. I think homeschooling can be very lonely
and does not promote equality. I had always envisioned returning to work and
dropping my kids off at school. Deanna (7) and Amanda (5) want to go to school and
learn in a group.
    After having tried this for 3 months now, I have learned that with this new
behavior I am actually able to work less as I am having to literally sit in between
them so that they will not physically abuse each other.
    In my heart I know that this is typical behavior and they will not grow out of
it. I have to accept it or find some Alternative Education. Does this seem to be
an issue with the children enrolled in Sudbury Schools?
Thank you,
Susan Jarquin

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