DSM: Simple solution

Robert Swanson (robertswanson@icehouse.net)
Mon, 04 Dec 2000 18:24:54 -0800

Please inform students that the institution, Sudbury, may now be brought up
on charges in the JC.

The suggested charge is this: Sudbury has not yet completed its evolution as
a transport for youth into adulthood.

Students &/or staff who make the charge must answer and defend what would
make the Sudbus a better transport. If a corporation is needed to make the
change, then the accusers are responsible for this as well.

What is this a solution to? It is a solution to my admonitions that the
development of Sudbury as an educational/developmental milieu should not be
hindered by any status quo influence of the given culture. Maybe all that
needs to happen is to open a door.

Now students really can feel as though they have the freedom and power to
control their destiny.


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