DSM: school or learning centre?

Robert Swanson (robertswanson@icehouse.net)
Sun, 03 Dec 2000 02:25:55 -0800

on 12/2/00 6:00 AM, Michelle Patzke at jjmp@voyager.net wrote:

> Resource centre would apply a drop in center not a consistent community to
> me. Learning centre implies to me a place where you come to take classes
> of your choosing or a place that helps children with homework
> difficulties/tutoring. School to me is shorthand for a place of learning
> for children 5 to 18.
> Michelle
It does seem important to me -- the use of terminology to describe where
children are either programmed or are potentiated. I'd like to see some
shaping of public opinion regarding the institutionalization of their
children. This is a question of what cause is the effort for. If the cause
of public schools is to devide families and to socialize children as
dependents of the Untouchable System (the two things schools are successful
at) then I wish Sudschools to find a name that suits their cause. This cause
must be a declaration. How about: "We declare the purpose of Sudbury
influence to be an evolving potentiation of youth to an intrinsically
beautiful life".

Education would be what people do in their spare time, maybe at some center.
Development of quality of life through inborn processes is society's
obligation to itself and to its children in particular. Here is the
difference: Inborn processes recreate institutions to meet the developing
needs of the individual. As things now stand, the institutions are remaking
individuals to meet the needs of the developing institutions. The name we
choose could reflect the difference that is Sudbury.


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