Re: DSM: school or learning centre?

Allan Saugstad (
Fri, 01 Dec 2000 14:58:34 -0800

I have a little philosophical problem. In our efforts here efforts to plan to
open a SVS school, my wife and I have a disagreement. She says we must stay away
from the word "school" because of it's connotations to institutionalized
learning. She says she and her friends don't want to school their kids, anyway.
She likes the words "learning centre" or "resource centre".

I say using the word school is irrelevant; it's just a word, and perhaps we will
help shape a new meaning for that sometimes ugly word. My definition of school
is "a community of learners", and so I don't see it as negative at all. Also, I
think using the word school helps those who don't understand the model, accept
it a little easier. (you know, under pressure, we can all say we teach, run, or
learn at a school - it's much harder to say you are home-schooled or don't go to
school, etc.)

Anyway, it's a kind of funny, kind of serious discussion we have and I am
curious to hear what others think


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