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> So, isn't it magical, fearless mentors children yearn for, someone to touch
> their hearts and show them the way to swim in a universe of possibility?
> Would not SVS be raptured by such people sharing an open heart, playfully,
> creatively, fearlessly?

It sounds good to me! And I expected the staff to walk on water at one time
also. Unfortunately and fortunately staff have their fears as well.
I believe we must allow them that, if indeed they accept the children with
their fears.
It's how they deal with those fears (without projection) that determine what
the children will grab onto.
Getting lost in the fear, or accepting it and dealing with it face-to-face
could be their legacy. One can have fears and still share an open heart. The
openess could include sharing those fears in the form of owning and
addressing them.
The SVS model isn't a panacea to life. It's an alternative to the brutal
lashing children endure in the traditional systems.

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