RE: DSM: Getting it

Joe Jackson (
Sun, 26 Nov 2000 18:48:31 -0500

Joe Jackson, busting in.

John sez:
> Does not a school such as SV
> have some obligation to
> the other children in the school and society at large to at least
> make some attempt
> to ensure that students have the fundamentals needed to not be a
> burden on the rest
> of the students, and as they grow up the larger society?

It does NOT have such an obligation, but no matter - the SM school is where
the student has the BEST chance to learn what they need to learn to be happy
powerful people.

> It is somehow your premise that the individual has the right to
> grow up and starve to
> death and be homeless except for the generosity of an overtaxed
> society?? Or is the
> SV model basically a model based on socialistic principles?
> Sorry if I sound a bit confused but as a new listener I am
> confused as to just what
> is the underlying political philosophy behind the school.

Political philosophy? You've lost me. The institution should have no
political philosophy. Aside from the legality of a 501(c)3 org. engaging in
pertisan political activities, an institutionalized political orientation
would fly squarely in the face of what is to me the prime directive of the
model - self-directed curriculum!


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