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I've often thought that if we left our public schools open and unguarded, the way
some churches are, that within a week most of them would have been burned to the
ground. First one, then two, then a "rash of school arsons" would make the
national news, and the 50, then 500, then the whole kaboodle. Just the casual
vandalism you see in any school makes it clear what kids think of the place.

Rick wrote:

> I appreciated your letter. It was also synchronistic. I have an eight year
> old daughter that attends now Sudbury School. Before that she attended a
> public school a few blocks from our house.
> Yesterday, I took my daughters (I also have a four year old) to the
> neighborhood school so we could ride our bikes. It looked like steam was
> rising from the yard. I thought that was odd. When we got closer, I could see
> it was smoke.
> There was a smoldering fire in the tan bark and a bunch of blackened coffee
> cans. I could see part of the plastic slide was melted. This play structure
> is only a year old.
> It is ironic that two years ago when I my daughter was a student there, I
> had sat in on the PTA meeting where the PTA voted to fund the new play
> structure. No students were there of course.
> Nothing could be stronger evidence of what happens when you think the best
> way to educate children is providing the best teachers, best books, best
> equipment. If we don't respect our children's dreams, curiosities, and
> decisions, how can we expect that in return? How much destroyed school
> property, Columbines, does it take to wake people up?
> I would like to see the article you wrote. I am working on writing a letter
> to the editor about what happened at the neighborhood school.
> Evelyn
> Parent of a Diablo Valley Student

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dislike this experience intensely and avoid it at any cost; but if we can endure
it, the conflict-without-resolution is a direct experience of God.

Owning Your Own Shadow, Robert A. Johnson

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