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Robert Swanson (
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 22:59:01 -0800

on 11/22/00 6:23 AM, Rick Stansberger at wrote:
> ...And that's my answer to your question about what I think goes on in
> sudschools: people doing what they were designed to do. Lungs breathe,
> brains
> learn. And by "learn" I don't mean absorb information or record conditioning.
> I mean interact with the world on the basis of perceived truth, which is
> constantly being tested, revised, refined. What do you think people do in
> sudschools?
> Rick

>From what I've read it seems the student's at SVS play a lot and talk a lot.
Surely this goes a long way to supporting development mentally and socially,
at least as compared to public schooling. I get the idea there is a
tremendous inner sense of self so different from what I know. This sense
seems to enable a passage through life with an ease and creativity much the
opposite from my sense of hesitancy and fear.

The question that remains for me asks is there more? If sudstudents knew
people develop 1% of their higher brain potential maybe they too would ask
is there more. If it is true that potential only develops if it is modeled
then perhaps we are doing a disservice not actively exposing students to
people expressing higher function.

If this is true, what is holding SVS back from moving in this direction? Is
the intent still there that started the school in the first place?


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