Re: DSM: Please accept my apology
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 09:16:26 EST

Dear Dawn, Steph, Eduardo, Mimsy and the whole list.

Thank you for illuminating the central question of Sudbury Valley.
What shall we do with the "dark side"? Seph's beautiful stance: I will not
listen to "endless" hatred. Eduardo's option to sweep it away and get back to
"substantive" issues. And Mimsey's take that, though the hatred may be
so may the devotion to friends "Dan, Mimsy, Hanna, Joanie".

This is the "substantive" issue, because it is exactly what the child
presents us with. Our children arrive from just being born, or on the door
step of Sudbury Valley, with this burning question: "Can I be real, or do I
have to be good?" And they goo and cuddle and play paddycake and they are
good, and we are wonderful with them. And then they rage and scream their
endless hatred and we find out who we are. The question is central and
substantive. The answer is not about right and wrong. The answer is that
"yes, you can be real". "You can be anything you want". "And also, you have
abide by the norms of the community".

Bill Richardson

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