DSM: Please accept my apology

Dawn F. Harkness (dawn@harkness.net)
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 07:00:08 -0500

I would like to apologize to the list for dragging you all into my own
personal conflict with Rick. I should have known better. My best editor
straight out told me that I should separate the wheat from the chaff and
like an idiot, I ignored her advice.

Well, my editor was right, I was wrong, and I do regret sending that post as
it was. I should have focused on the substantive issues here and if I felt
the need to vent at Rick, I should have sent a private email. I'm very
sorry. I will try do better in the future. I can't guarantee that I won't
dance right up to the line of good taste, but I will try very hard not to
cross over to the dark side.

I'll be in the mountains this holiday weekend, taking a few of those deep
breaths. I hope the rest of you have a good one as well.


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