Re: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)

Rick Stansberger (
Wed, 22 Nov 2000 23:28:24 -0700

Joe Jackson wrote:

> Well, unlike before we opened, when we actually got moving on the school we
> discovered that we just didn't have time anymore to chase after people who,
> in retrospect, were much more likely not pan out.

Joe, I think that's one key difference between our situations. We have just
barely started. Our core group changes by two or three people every meeting.
We don't have a strong core yet, and we're not open for business.

As far as chasing after people goes, it's the opposite here in Silver City,
which at 12,000 people is the biggest thing in at least 3,000 square miles. You
run into people over and over again -- in the Food Co-op, the laundromat, the
movies, the cafes. The school keeps coming up every time. Sort of "How's your
girl's broken wrist?" "Doing better. How's the school?" That sort of thing.
And we're very polite out here, so that even people who disapprove of the school
will ask about it. The other day, a woman yelled to me out of her car window,
and we spent the next two hours talking about the school. Somebody the other
day started calling me and my wife "the Sudburys" instead of "the
Stansbergers." Remains to be seen whether that will catch on. What I'm trying
to say is that the information environment here is really live. Can't discard
anybody unless you drop 'em down a mine shaft. So it's not as much that I'm
running after them as it is that the Sudbury idea is running after me. And if
it goes sour, as it has with a couple of people already, I can expect that any
of their friends who drink from that well are going to get the same poison.
Very important to maintain the good opinion, or at least the neutral opinion, of
others out here.


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