DSM: role models

Robert Swanson (robertswanson@icehouse.net)
Wed, 22 Nov 2000 00:20:21 -0800

on 11/14/00 11:14 PM, Rayner Garner at intuit@ncal.verio.com wrote:

> At Summerhill teachers were expected to pursue their passion. Their
> particular creative expression. If students expressed an interest and
> desire to experiment, learn or doodle for a while to see if that was of
> interest they could draw information, expertise or whatever was required
> by them from the teacher. The desire came from the student.
> I do this with adults attempting to heal from parenting and schooling.
> I teach the technology of accessing intuition and acting upon it. I
> don't address the problem or dysfunction as that is usually a substitute
> for their passion or creativity.
> Rayner

Rayner (and all),
We are planning a Heartlight symposium for next year. Would you be willing
to give input as to what are constructive exercises for developing quality
role models?

As teachers pursue their passion, what sort of responses do students give?

What is the technology of accessing intuition?

We will need a speaker, preferably a sudspeaker...


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