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Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 18:17:03 -0500

> Maybe my approach is misguided.

Rick, it makes me grin that you, perhaps, see me as some sort of authority
on the model. I've only been involved with this whole Rube Goldberg
contraption for about four or five years.

The purpose of this list for me is not PR. The purpose of it is for me to
learn things by a)hearing other people talk and b) having to organize my
thoughts enough to express them to other folks.

Aside from pontificating about what I think makes a school NOT a SM school
(I REALLY agree with Scott on that point) what I feel confident doing is
sharing my experiences in being part of a bunch of people who threw a school
together with results so positive it amazes us.

Eight years ago you would have thought I was a typical twenty-something
results-oriented Dad that would probably move to send my step-children and
children to the best college-prep public school in the Washington, DC area
(you would have been correct). Fortunately my wife's much smarter than I
(see http://www.jazztbone.com/2000/2000_5_27.htm) and there's such a thing
as a walking Sudbury machine called a "Romey Pittman".

As a matter of fact about ten years ago my stepson Aaron was going to a
school called Winston School (http://www.winston-school.org/), a
self-described "private K-12 school in Dallas for children with special
learning needs including ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia." In my memory, one of the
defining features of Winston School is that while it has externally-imposed
curriculum, the academic standards are relaxed and applied on a
student-by-student basis. I remember having the typical non-Sudbury
reaction of being frustrated because I didn't feel like Aaron was learning
what he needed to (which he wasn't, but what he needed to was not what I

So anyway one of the first things I did after reading "Free At Last" is
subscribe to this list and lurk a while, and while I'm glad you didn't hear
people spouting off about the model in a way that might send you away, I
must say my reaction was (having been galvanized by the passionless
warehousing and factory production of students) that I was impressed about
and energized by the passion and lack of capitulation I saw in the online

...even though (IMO) the purpose of the list is not P.R.

please note my new email address:
Kids rule at Fairhaven School

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