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Tue, 21 Nov 2000 15:07:40 EST

Dear Rick,
I have shared some of my story with you in a previous email. The wisdom in
the book "Reflection of The Sudbury Concept" is what persuaded me that this
was the best place for my daughter to go to school.
When I first looked into Sudbury it was because I thought my daughter needed
a more creative curriculum. I checked out Waldorf, Montessori and Diablo
Valley. It took reading the book to understand that forced learning is

One thought on convincing people. This year at my daughters School Diablo
Valley, there was a boy that was difficult for other students to be around.
He got a great deal of complaints. His visited for two weeks. In a second
interview with the parents it turned out they were continuing to home school
him and planned to continue, even after he was enrolled.
They thought this would be just a chance for their son to socialize while his
"real education" took place at home. They could not be convinced that what
took place at Diablo Valley was valuable. Without their trust, how would he
learn to trust he was the one to decide what he needed to learn.

 <But what if there are
millions like me? >

I share this concern I have. If I had lived someplace else, I would have
never discovered the Sudbury philosophy. This is why I have such a strong
desire to see the Sudbury Books themselves reach a wider audience or else the
wisdom in those books.
We live in a time that as Mimsy put it "Sudbury schools are, in my opinion,
about giving children the opportunities
to grow up in ways that allow them to develop autonomy and initiative; that
allow them to develop self-confidence and competence; and that fit them for
the society they happen to currently live in -- a fast-moving, rather random,
(chaordic?) society in which being able to think and have judgment are the
most important marketable skills."

One of the things I questioned about public school was that it was not
preparing my daughter for the world that we live in. I work out of a home
office and am successful because I can adopt new technologies and new
strategies. I am not alone in this, I am sure that there are parents that
look at what they do for a living and want what I wanted, a school that
offers what a Sudbury one does.

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