Re: DSM: Getting it
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 15:03:52 EST

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> So I hope that you all will be patient with folks like me, people who
> have worked in the trenches and are honestly searching.

It appears to me that you've actually been in the model longer at some level
or another than the people you're asking patience from. I hope you don't
underestimate your value as far as "getting it". You seem to have an
understanding of not only the model, but the different ways in which people
might interpret it. Those qualities are big pluses when opening a school.

Like you, I had an idea of the model when I was a young child. I was
honestly bewildered. I couldn't understand why I was treated like an idiot
and it really ticked me off! Consequently, I didn't take school seriously AT

About 11 years ago, my husband and I looked for a model that fit "our"
philosophy, a philosophy we had long before we actually found places that
institutionalized it. We found Summerhill first, and then Sudbury. So, you
could say, we've been in the model quite a long time, like yourself.

Thank you for "being in the trenches."

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