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I went to the web page and got just a bit overloaded :)

Can you, or anyone else on the list, briefly tell me why the "workshop way" is
superior to the SVM and similar paradigms?

John Axtell

Robert Swanson wrote:

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> Thanks Chad, can I buy you dinner?
> Joseph Pearce does a wonderful job summarizing research.
> Us adults have 20% the potential of a six year old, and of this potential we
> use only 5%. As animal brains we are 100%. As human consciousness we are 1%.
> Why? Because children watch adults (Not HEAR us, I said WATCH us).
> 95% percent of learning is below conscious awareness. We adults have 5%
> conscious effect on children.
> How to educate children to be more than 1% human? Model congruency having a
> foundation in the heart and emotions. Has anyone informed the students that
> this is what they must model for each other??? Has anyone told them to
> regard adults as truly retarded??? If not, why? What are you afraid of? Is
> honesty and giving kids a chance really such a problem?
> robert
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> Joseph Chilton Pearce recommends Grace Pilon's THE WORKSHOP WAY as
> even better than Waldorf and Sudbury Valley. See what you think.
> Pearce's online articles are posted at
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