RE: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)

Joe Jackson (
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 12:37:31 -0500

> I've seen and heard that kind of "my way or the highway"
> thinking before, and
> not in places where I'm comfortable being.

I think that through experience many of us have learned (sooner or later)
that "honey" attracts the kind of parents that won't last. That's why
brutal honesty when we are talking with people about the model is important.

It may create a bitter taste in people's mouth, but you have to do what is
in the best interest of the school nonetheless.

> Do sudburians just
> get tired of the
> same old questions all the time?

Mimsy, Danny, Hannah & Joan et al _never_ get tired of answering questions
and explaining it. Right, my friends? ;)

> Does the outside world begin to
> look evil and
> unconscionably stupid the more you get inside?
> I know how to win people over. It was my main professional
> weapon in tradschools
> for years. And "hardening of the categories" isn't it.

Rick, a "win people over" attitude is not a great way for you to go into

The type of people that will make good families are the ones that you could
not keep away with a stick. The type of families that won't last (and will
therefore likely be a net drag on the success of the school as a whole) are
the ones that maybe you tried to convince a little bit. Therefore the tried
and true PR model is to work on getting the name out there and educate
takers on what the model is, but don't ever try to talk someone into it -
you will likely regret it.

Those are pretty much universal experiences I have heard expressed by
representatives from all of the schools.

-Joe Jackson
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