Re: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)

Rick Stansberger (
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 09:20:23 -0700

> I'm sorry, I guess I'm sensitive to the constant criticism of parents not
> "getting it", when I can't find one consistent, agreed-upon philosophy from
> the experts. However, I will keep listening. Peace out.
> Reeny


The most important expert for any parent -- or anyone -- to consult on the
matter of personal development is Memory.

If you connect back with times when you were deeply absorbed in doing something
interesting, you connect with the core of the sudbury model, which just tries to
clear a space for that to happen on a daily basis. If you connect back with
times when you were kept from doing something like this by school, you connect
with the thing that makes many of us so angry.

The hardest people to reach about this are the people who can't remember their
"sudbury moments" or who were so damaged by school that they seal off the pain by
actually defending the experience. Often these are the same people.

In my limited experience, once people can get in touch with these moments of joy
and pain, then they're on board.

I think many parents are hard to reach because they're looking from the outside
at their children, rather than from the inside at themselves.


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