Re: DSM: public school prisons, and agreeing with people
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 20:42:52 EST

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your response.

We teach nothing. If we hold that we are right in that, then we have created
an agenda. There is plenty to do in simply offering a deep regard and a
profound respect. If we also hold that there is a goodness in what we do we
have missed the whole of Sudbury Valley. We offer deep regard and profound
trust. The child decides if they can make use of that, if that is goodness to

For those of us who came up in Catholic Schools, the idiocy was not that
eating meat on friday was a mortal sin, the idiocy was that there were
actually live humans walking around who believed in the goodness of such
notions. The regular schools are not idiots because they teach algebra, they
are idiots because they believe in the goodness of doing so. Please let
Sudbury Valley avoid such notions of goodness.

Bill Richardson

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