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Sun, 19 Nov 2000 11:55:30 -0700


I don't disagree with Dawn on what really matters. I just make gentle fun of
those who put on the war paint where I would find it counterproductive.
Revolutions need all kinds of folks: tooth-grinding warriors, spies,
marketeers, mediators, traders and tricksters.

Btw, I can tell Dawn's a city girl. She assumed that dogs are the only things
that growl. What about mountain lions and bears? (Birds in their own way also
growl -- making deep sounds to warn enemies.) Would you be insulted to be
compared to a lion or a bear, Dawn? I myself would be honored.

Dawn called me a pig (another fine animal I don't mind being compared to) but
then said something like if I wanted to waste my time trying to persuade the
ignorant, that was fine with her. In her own way she was acknowledging that
we're on the same side. We're expressing preferences. I couldn't do her job as
well as she, and likely vice versa. We're both passionate people. She's
passionately assertive, I'm passionately indirect. In the Chinese five-element
system, she's metal and I'm water.

I never said her warrior ways were totally inappropriate. I just think they
won't work with people of good will who might join up once they understood.

Tradschools are evil. They maim kids AND the adults who work in them. But as I
said before, if they all burned down tonight, tomorrow people would start
rebuilding them because the vast majority of them still don't know a thing about
the Sudbury model, and of the ones who do, the vast majority (imho) don't trust
it. The idea's "out there" all right, and there's a lot of persuading yet to be

Rick wrote:

> Dawn,
> I find little value in your tirades, its not a discussion when someone tells
> you their opinions and is not open to yours.
> Evelyn

"Weirdness abounds and shatters our illusion of order.  Heh-heh.  All the
dust is being blown out from under the carpet. Wonderful stuff!"

Wanda Hamilton-Quinn

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