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Dawn F. Harkness (dawn@harkness.net)
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 02:00:23 -0500

Evelyn you are wrong in your assessment of my openness to the art of
discussion. I am way open to anyone who wants to check my facts, challenge
my logic or even correct my spelling, (though that's getting cheeky). If I
am wrong, I'm usually pretty quick to admit it. In fact, I love to be
proven wrong, so I can correct what may be deficient in my thinking. I
love reading others' opinions, but since this is an internet discussion
group I would suggest that others better be just as careful in their facts
and arguments as I am with mine. Otherwise someone, including me, may
actually analyze them, disagree and write a spirited dissent. Oh, the

As for you finding little value in what you refer to as my tirades, what can
I say if you insist on reading them even after they contain warnings for
folks like you. My advice is to skip reading anything which you find to be
not worth your time. I'm willing to bet that anything that has my name
attached to it is just going to be too much for the likes of you, so pass it
by. That's what I did when you put out your call for papers to correct what
you perceive as SVM's PR problem. I thought you ought to have more than a
few months under your belt with a child in an SVM school, before you can
truly understand the model let alone try to rescue us from what you perceive
to be its shortcomings. So I chuckled as I always do when new folks rush in
to say how much they love the model, but SVM schools should just do x to
become better. (Not that I am immune to this syndrome. 7 years ago, I
thought SVS should develop an endowment for financial aid and other lofty
ambitions. Being a slow learner, it took time, but eventually I got the
picture.) If you stick around long enough to learn how to appreciate what
it means for your child to function in a dynamic democratic society, maybe
you'll actually have something to contribute.

P.S. Since I know you agreed with Rick's obnoxious and insulting post, I'm
just curious if you agreed to his next one, grin and all?

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>I find little value in your tirades, its not a discussion when someone
>you their opinions and is not open to yours.

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