Re: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 18:27:58 EST

A short and incomplete list of reasons parents might have to send a child to
a sudbury school
    (1) They agree with what they think the philosophy is. This is often
NOT what the philosophy is but, especially in the beginning of the kid's
enrollment, they haven't yet figured that out.
    (2) They agree with the philosophy and actually want their children to
grow up feeling free, empowered, in charge, and darn smart.
    (3) They find the sudbury school to be the least of many evils; they
wish there were just a little curriculum, but there isn't, so they either
work to change it, openly or covertly, or they impose the curriculum at home
just to be sure their kids are exposed to everything, in the detail the
parents think is necessary, that the parents think every child must be
exposed to.
    (4) It is the only private school they can afford except for parochial
schools and none of the parochial schools suit their fancy.
    (5) They find the sudbury school to be the least of many evils in their
    (6) They feel the kids will be safe, if uneducated, in a sudbury school.
    (7) Their kids are having their spirits mutilated in one way or another
-- perhaps dumbed down; perhaps something else -- in some other type of
schooling, and they are desparate to get the kids into something that may
help rebuild self-esteem. These parents can actually let that happen to
their child(ren) or not; they can manage to subvert the child's real
independence of thought and so it will not happen if they really try hard.
    (8) Their kids refuse to attend school in a "normal" school, and they
give up and sign the papers so they can go to a school that they will attend.
 Results are mixed in these situations.

I know there are others, but this is a starter list.

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