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Robert Swanson (
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 23:34:01 -0800

 Robert Swanson wrote:
>> Allan,
>> Joseph Pearce says the evidence suggests it all begins with holding an
>> infant close to heart. It also helps that the child was born in a nurturing
>> environment, slow to cut the umbilical cord. These begin the natural
>> processes that open the heart-mind connection to intelligence. Seems to me
>> this is what I read in your story.
>> Would you comment -- is there still a struggle for trusting once compassion
>> opens up? Is the wisdom of love enough?
>> robert
> on 11/15/00 3:50 PM, Allan Saugstad at wrote:
> Robert,
> I am trying to understand your question. It sounds like something I'd really
> like to reply to, but could you go into more detail or rephrase the question?
> Allan

Parents (& all of us) tend to opperate subsconsciously from what was modeled
in childhood. You suggest repressing those impulses to control the child's
interaction with the environment. Intellect regards loss of control as
dangerous. The child is in perill. I have a sense that heart appreciation
sees the adventure of life more than the peril. Heart instinctively trusts
instinct to guide. Little control is necessary. My own experience suggests
this is true -- it works to let go, but love didn't seem to have much to do
with my decision.

In your own sense, is there a wisdom, an instinctive trust in your love for
your child that gives yourself permission to let go. Or, do you put the
handcuffs on yourself and pop nitroglycerine pills?

I suppose it is not something set in place. As good modeling or life's
experiences evolve the child the rope can get longer.


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