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Do SVS students sometimes exemplify opening their heart to hear another
(with a problem) while maintaining boundaries? I get the impression this
could generalize from listening objectively in J.C.


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> Marko,
> Thank you for the rundown on RC theory. And I agree with you that we adults
> could help the system along by using it. I've always believed that the
> Sudbury model is indeed "therapy" in the sense that you use it. Sometimes
> staff members and other children must deal with tantrums, crying, laughing.
> Unfortunately, children get written up sometimes for such things as an
> infringement on others' rights to exist peaceably in the community or contempt
> in J.C.
> I believe that if the staff knew what they were "seeing" beyond the actual
> behavior, the respect and love would be easier to produce and provide.
> Kathleen

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>> RC theory kind of states that there is no need for such a thing as
>> "therapy". People have a natural way of healing their hurts if they are
>> given good enough attention, respect and love. The healing process is
>> usually very visible showing as tantrums, crying, perspiration, yawning,
>> laughing, etc.

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