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On Oprah today:
What are secrets all about? We hide things for fear of rejection. Why
express them? To discover acceptance. To reconnect as fear is replaced with

On coasttocoastam:
Howard Bloom, "The global Brain"
When discussing the effect of depression on those around us, he noted a
peculiarity. Other species get depressed when alone. Humans do that but also
get depressed when goals are achieved. This oddity is inexplicable.

Well, I'd like a shot at this... People get depressed when goals are met
because they discover the goal was not the goal. The receiver ran in the
wrong direction to score for the opponent. Intellectual goals score for
competitive individuality and leave the participant alone in enemy
territory. Intelligent goals connect people together in support and end with
opponents united.

Do SVS students use goals for the purpose of integrating and uniting??? Or
are goals a reply to the fight-flight syndrome?

SVS students disclose "secretes" to the judicial committee. Do the
frequently disclose emotional secrets to others???

Howard noted that depression is a survival mechanism. Separated microbes
depress their systems and die if the place they are separated to would not
support the colony. Howard suspects that humans yet abide by this ancient
law (3.5 billion years old).

Depression can depress the immune system. Is it any wonder that at the
height of techno-intellect development interpersonal relations are at their
worst and cancer is winning the war against cancer with one hand tied behind
its back? If depression depresses does it follow that love enhances the
immune system? I'd like to know if loving cultures tend to live longer. In
any case, consider the quality of life. If opening conversation to honesty
and congruency and feelings encourages a union in joy, a synergy, and a
letting go of fight-flight, is this not preferable to fear, lying, hiding
and depression?

an invitation,

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