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Robert Swanson (robertswanson@icehouse.net)
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 15:51:19 -0800


Thanks. Two things you mentioned - creating desire and tuning into student's
feelings (or preferably, emotions) - reminds me of the joy I feel tuning
into the spirited creativity of children. It is playful and loving at it's
best. And oh does desire flourish! I notice how my own energy to create
explodes. What fun! I do this with kids and watch the other adults shun the
activity -- stupid old farts (I think this is a good place for

I appreciate the input. I'm not sure my crystal ball gives me the whole
picture. The more we all put into this then the better, more accurate model
we may operate from. That is how SVS got started 30 years ago.

on 11/15/00 4:08 PM, Johanna Shaw at shawmoves@hotmail.com wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your letter. Life keeps getting in
> the way. As I mentioned before, I'm reading (still) Teaching with the Brain
> in Mind. Because I am only able to read when the children are reading, I
> don't get too far very fast. The book mentions much of what you discussed
> about fight and flight and how we primarily learn with emotions and not
> necessarily intellect. It explained how and why that happens. The evidence
> behind having desire linked to anything we do just makes me realize how
> important it is to pay attention to the emotions that the child may be
> experiencing during a lesson. There could be something entirely unrelated
> to math going on in class concerning a bully, but the fact that some math
> lesson triggers a "memory" based on the experience that went on in that
> moment may determine how that child feels about math. The book also goes on
> to explain how feelings and emotions are two different things; feelings
> being cultural and emotions being "energy motions" (?) created by the
> individual. Most of the programs, that I've read so far, include bringing
> in speakers from outside, field trips, basically any positive activity that
> creates some desire to learn in the child. (much of which I already
> promoted in my class!) As I get further along, I will continue to share.
> It's all very new stuff for me, probably basic knowledge on your end. I've
> always been one to do what feels right and have always been ultra-sensitive
> to the emotions of others, so I find I naturally do this. I would think it
> would be difficult for teachers who never paid attention to the energy
> around them and tune themselves into their students. I notice many teachers
> that seem to walk around with this shell of protection around them.
> Unfortunately the atmosphere of the public school seems to promote such
> shells to develop. I wanted to go into the public education to turn on a
> light, it's difficult to keep it burning when the educational system keeps
> piling expectations and requirements on top. I'm just waiting for it all to
> crumble so I can pick through the garbage and walk away with what is good in
> the system. There are some wonderful teachers out there.
> I hope I answered your question, Robert. As a teacher in the "public
> prisons" I can tell you it's not any one area we can blame. It's the whole
> society that has created such schools and continues to create and support
> the structure. It's the parents that send their kids to school on 3 hours
> of sleep in 42 degree weather wearing shorts and no coat. And how about the
> kid who calls in a bomb threat (as happened in my school today) because he
> feels the teachers "wronged" him by way of demonstrating that he needs to be
> responsible for his actions. It amazes me what these poor children are
> going through. The media certainly doesn't help. It encourages children to
> feel as if they are lacking who in turn bring these feelings into the
> schools. Heck, I bet if we got rid of the media half the worlds problems
> would be solved in less than an hour. Ok, I'm ranting now. I have papers to
> read.
> Blessings to all the Teachers out there! It is National Educators Week!
> Keep doing a fantastic job, somebody is noticing!
> Hugs,
> Johanna
>> From: Robert Swanson <robertswanson@icehouse.net>
>> Johanna,
>> If you have read your book would you care to describe a program that
>> promotes emotional intelligence?
>> robert
>>> on 11/4/00 9:15 AM, Johanna Shaw at shawmoves@hotmail.com wrote:
>>> Hi Robert, It's interesting that the chapter in the book I'm reading is
>>> discussing just this topic. It talks about how the intellect has become
>>> the
>>> focus of education and how we have ignored the emotional side of the
>>> students. I love it when this happens. :)
>>> By the way, could someone tell me the exact dates of the empowerment
>>> weekend? I know it's in March in Miami, I'd like to attend. Also, it
>>> seems
>>> the structure of the CWG webpage has changed, how does one go about
>>> finding
>>> Neale's workshops? I thought someone on this list would know.
>>> Thanks for any help.
>>> Let's keep ReCreating!
>>> Love,
>>> Johanna
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>>>> Half hour discussion about thought via heart or via intellect, and
>>>> making a
>>>> future for our children.
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>>>> Guest: Randall Eaton, Ph.D
>>>> time frame: 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs into program.
>>>> I am pleased he repeated the point I have been making - We are thinking
>>>> with
>>>> intellect to the omission of heart and feelings. Heart is actually
>>>> supposed
>>>> to be the controlling element over mind and body. The consequence of
>>>> going
>>>> against nature is to live in fear while struggling vainly to collect
>>>> material things as salvation from the mess we've made.
>>>> robert

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