Re: DSM: Whole Other World

Rayner Garner (
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 11:51:14 -0800

Robert Swanson wrote:

> At seven years old the brain is a vast computer (seven times the weight of
> connections as yours and mine) totally receptive to programming. Programmed
> from a heart-other-welfare basis society thrives. Programmed from a basis of
> competitive individual control society is endangered. We are either pro
> natural order (which is huge) or we are pro contrived order (as fleeting as
> the momentary glow of a firefly).

The pro contrived order has mainly come about through a well meaning
attempt to reduce pain and distress. (IMO) That is the tragedy. We are
almost certainly the only species that permits alien influences into the
birthing and nurturing environment.

In the absence of the principal caretaker an infant will go into fight
or flight. Being unable to act on this stimulus the infant will
bond/imprint with anyone in it's immediate environment who appears to
either be offering nurturance or demonstrating superior survival skills.
This largely unconscious ability to absorb survival patterns while under
stress will continue until maturity. In this manner an infant/child will
acquire these sub-personalities which interfere in the ability to be an
authentic person. Thus a rogue species is created.

An environment such as sudbury schools with its absence of dominance and
people present who trust in the child's innate goodness and ability to
heal itself is so valuable.

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