Re: DSM:

Marko Koskinen (
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 21:41:31 +0200

Thanks Joseph! That was good to know. We really don't have any idea yet
that how many students we will be able to gather for our school here in


> Good points. One possible difference - as we got our school up to 20
> students (took 3.5 years), things got much better for everybody - students,
> staff and at least in our case, parents. Even 20 students provide a lot of
> opportunity for friends and associations (in the informal sense).
> On a personal note, my 7 year old daughter had a hard time her first year -
> we started with only about 11 kids, and there weren't enough little girls
> for her to be friends with. The little boys didn't have time for her (or, at
> least, not enough time - which is a LOT with my daughter). But this year,
> with 3 little girls within a year or two of her age, she's so much happier
> she practically glows.
> Anyway, just saying that 20 may not be too small a number - but that the mix
> is going to be more important to some kids at that size.

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