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<< Packaging the message and presenting it at the proper time, these are the
 to persuasion. I know more than one teacher who teeters on the verge of
 self-destruction because of the tension between who they are and what they
 I want to win these worthwhile people over, without tipping them over. >>

Speaking of repackaging, I would like to write a book that is a repackaging
of what is included in other Sudbury books. I would like to include some of
the parent's stories of how they came to choose Sudbury for their children.
I have a business where I recruit people to be part of market research
studies. My experience tells me that Sudbury schools aren't better known
because the educational philosophy is only suited to a small portion of the
population. What Sudbury schools have is a marketing problem, most people
don't even know what a Sudbury School is.
I would like to change that. This is why I have been thinking about writing
another Sudbury book.
If I had not lived by a Sudbury School, I would have never learned about this
form of schooling. Reflections of the Sudbury Concept is not a title that
would have reached out and grabbed me. Yet ,it was reading this book after my
daughters visiting week, that convinced me that this was where my daughter
would be able grow into a woman who knows what her talents are and have the
confidence to pursue her dreams and ambitions.

When I read Reflections of the Sudbury Concept the most powerful stories were
those of the staff who were also parents.
If you would like to submit your own story, let me know by email.

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