Re: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 22:20:11 EST

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> it's no wonder that Mimsy said that
> parents who worried about their children in a Sudbury school were beyond
> help.
> It looks as if we're permanently limited to a small market.
> So in selling the idea of our new school, I can continually expect to come
> up
> against the irrational programming and "old stuff" type of issues in the
> parents
> I talk to? I hate the thought of just letting them go and looking for the
> few
> who are ready to have independent children. Any suggestions?

Did I really say that? I am constantly amazed at what I say or am quoted as
saying, and it is usually suspiciously close enough to what I think to
imagine saying!

What you have to settle for, always, is lots of parents who use the model for
their own purposes. If you had to take ONLY those children whose parents
passed some imaginary litmus (I hate to use this next word) test of pure
devotion to the model, you would have a school too small to use!

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