Re: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)

Kristin Harkness (
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 18:17:49 -0500

Rick Stansberger wrote:

>... I know what you mean about Gatto. I had the same reaction the first
time I
>heard of him: "Why'd he stay in, get all those awards, and only turn
>the system after he retired. Is he going to give his pension back?" Still,
>does good -- even if he does seem a bit shrill to me.
>Seems that you've been politely asking the same questions about me. My
>answer is -- I didn't retire, I quit. Left a good pension plan and
benefits to
>do so, and now I'm spending my savings to start a SVM school. Yes, I did
>I'm not proud of because they were part of the contract. But I took a heck
of a
>lot of grief in the process, and I'm proud of many of the kids I've had the
>pleasure to know and help. I'm doing the SVM thing for kids, and if I went
>in, I'd go back in for the kids. I make no apologies about that.

Rick, thanks for your thoughtful reply. I admire you and the others on the
list who are working in or starting Sudbury model schools. I also do not
doubt that individual connections made between students and teachers in
traditional schools can be of value to students. As a student, I had some
teachers whom I appreciate to this day. However, I agree with Bruce's
statement that, essentially, many more are harmed by the system than can be
individually helped by well intentioned people in the system. But you left.
I am preaching to the choir :)

It sounds like your approach changed over time. Mine certainly has! I hope
I have not offended you, because I respect your contributions to this


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