DSM: RE: Aloof, & free to be stupid

Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 15:36:10 -0500

> Note that the students expressed much
> enthusiasm for contact with the SVS cook. She had food as
> reinforcement for
> her mentoring. She was valued for her verbal behaviors - invitations to
> participate, and speaking to the language and variety of interests of
> students. She got involved. Thus, she was treasured for not being aloof.
> Another teacher, one who kept to herself, often reading, was on
> the hit list
> for not being re-elected. Teachers are expected to appear useful. So, here
> are indicators that students are not left alone. I suspect the
> influence is
> much stronger than anyone suspects. It may not all be bad. It could be
> influencing greater self-respect and sense of fairness.

You have not interpreted this correctly.

Staff should be _available_ for students. Just because they need to be
"useful" or "available" does not mean they are not leaving students alone.

I tend to agree that the mere presence of staff is symbolic off the school's
insistance on day-to-day adherance to the model. This is what parents are
paying for. However, a key component of this adherence is that students are
left alone, and that is what happens in our school.

Joe Jackson, on a bus going to CT

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