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The CWG books ask us to consider making our evolution conscious, a
choosing of what works. The following is intended to begin clarifying
what works. Please make improvements and email it back.


Intellect speaks to the material world and asks how to evolve things
according to an individualized ego. This is lower brain thought.

Intelligence speaks to mutual survival and asks how to evolve us
according to a heartfelt connection. This is higher brain thought.

The CWG books were speaking to our higher brain in suggesting we want
to evolve as a society.

Evolution is a genetically programmed function occurring whenever
there is congruency with the heart guiding lower brain activity
within higher brain creativity in a milieu of love and possibility.

Intellect (as it is currently misused)is open to all possibility
except heart guidance since this would upset the status quo hierarchy
of lower brain command over material survival.

The solution is to model heart guidance within possibility and
without an intellect status quo. Teaching facts models the limited
behavior that opens the left brain to an intellectual knowing of self.

The following is my own way of stating what Joseph Pearce said in the
taped lecture "The Roots Of Intelligence". In parenthesis is what I
construe to be the alternative to status quo intellectual evolution.

Haphazard influence on languaging. (Intentional influence on
Separation at birth. (Both parents heart to heart bond with child.
Intelligence increases in parents and child through heart-mind-others
connection). The lower brain discovers the material world alone among
minds aloof. (Lower brain discovers the material world within
association with others.)

Growth of neurons and connections. Suppress exploration and teach
self as fear in relation to the material world. (Allow exploration
and repetition to teach ease of flow & security of self in a material
world via myalination of neurons.)

YEAR 1.5
Baby has the same mass weight of dendrite and axon connections as an

Child has established 80% of its non-abstract knowing of the material
world, ego and language. Second growth spurt of neurons and
connections. Right hemisphere becomes active as emotion and
intuition. Self as emotion and intuition is not modeled and is not
ingrained in learning. (Self as emotion and intuition is modeled and
is ingrained in the brain as status quo.)

The third growth spurt. There is now six to seven times the neuron
connections as an adult and totally open to programming through
modeling. The material world is being organized and understood
through emotions, mostly fear (mostly love). Imprinting establishes
emotions as the connection that take materialism into the intellect.
(Imprinting establishes emotions as the connection with other-world
possibilities within the creativity and connectedness and congruency
of intelligence.)

YEARS 7-11
Open possibility becomes ingrained as a selfish establishmentarianism
intellect. (Open possibility is modeled via play and love to become
ingrained as self as intelligence, an evolution in behalf of all.)

Begin book learning. Learn abstracts and semantics. Analytical. Learn
to manage symbolic systems. Intellect has an aloof cognition of cause
and effect not requiring a sense of morality. The cultural norm is
imprinted. Any chance of learning alternative systems is destroyed
via a body chemical that is released dissolving any open,
unmyalinated, nerve connections. A cultural norm of intellectual
materialism is set in consciousness. (Material survival is placed in
the subconscious so that conscious energy may open the cerebrum to
creative thinking. Self is known as emotions related to love within
creativity. Intellect and material awareness are conditioned by this
self due to congruency - what is felt is thought is done.)

There is longing within hopelessness and separation for what should
be evolving. (There is joy within possibility and community for what
will be evolving.) Drugs temporarily displace the sense of flight or
fight. (Euphoria evolves one's sense of self to a God experience.)
The brain is accordingly restructured by the heart via the pituitary
and pineal glands and the hypothalamic area of the brain. There is no
further development apart from this system. (What can develop using
another 80-90% of the higher brain is unknown.)

NOTE: Sudbury school does not allow science to determine when a child
should do this or that. Rather, the child's interest takes them there
when they are ready. Still, Heartlight can make a difference by
providing stimuli (namely modeling and vocabulary) beyond what is
currently status quo. And, preferably, a guru with an open heart
would show up now and then.

Robert Swanson

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