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Intellect is a training our minds received when they were open to absorbing
and incorporating any possibility. We settled into intellect as the
functioning status quo. It is how to communicate and get along in the world.
It was modeled as life by adults, media and peers, and so it became our
lives as well.

Intellect is a way of functioning. It is functioning as a programmed
response. This response was shaped into our behavior. It is a focus of
thought energy on the ability to isolate and abstract incoming information
and to play with that information as separate from its source. This allows
separate centralized operation of self as individuated from environment.

This egocentric self is an essential part of being human. It was not
intended to be the focus of our energies because it decreases chances of
survival. The development "intended" us is first an emotional focus of
heart, followed by ego development relative to the environment, then these
are made subconscious so that mental energy can focus on creativity.
Intellect enables these other functions but is not to be a dominating focus
to guide our lives by. That is dangerous, and incidentally, unhappy.

Glad to reply,

on 11/14/00 7:36 AM, Rick Stansberger at wrote:

> Robert, please tell me what you mean by Intellect. I think you and I might
> have very different definitions of the term. And I'm sorry for being harsh
> with you in other messages.
> Rick
> Robert Swanson wrote:
>> All,
>> What is it like to dispel the curse of intellect? I am inviting a dialogue
>> with another (perhaps a student) willing to speak from the depths of
>> heartfelt congruency. It is a magical experience. Just email me personally.
>> We will publicize excerpts that get the point across.
>> robert
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