Re: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)

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Rick Stansberger wrote:
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>> > I further believe that people of good intent
>> > continuing to participate in the system only prolongs its existence.
>> > Refusing to participate is revolutionary --
>What about people of good intent who use their positions as "bully pulpits"
>say how screwed the system is, who go to students being crushed by the
>and help them fight back, and who stand ready to rat out the administration
>the moment they do anything shady?

Genuine question for you, Rick -- What does it mean to participate in a
system which one openly acknowledges is 'screwed'? How do you think
students interpret that behavior? I am afraid that the message is that the
system itself is inescapable. Students might also see hypocrisy. For
instance, I admire the writing of John Gatto, and have been to hear him
speak. However, I cannot help but wonder, knowing and thinking what he did,
how he could have participated in the system for as long as he did.

But this is really going over the reform vs. revolution ground one more
time. I do not believe that this system can be reformed, i.e. changed from
within. Most of the evil that traditional schools does is not something for
which they can be "ratted out" because they are simply doing what they state
openly that they will do!

Kristin Harkness

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