Re: DSM: Sharing the SVS model

Rick Stansberger (
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 20:37:37 -0700

Kathleen, I respect what you're trying to do. I'm willing to concede that
there is only revolution or reform, but I know from experience that there are
all kinds of revolutionaries. A revolution needs saboteurs and spies as well
as front-line troops. I'm proud of some of the crap I pulled when I was in
the system, like the time I got the school to drop Channel One. I went to
one of the administrators who couldn't stand me and started telling her what
a brave, bold, innovative, risky idea it was. I got them to stop it by
AGREEING with them <here imagine maniacal laughter>. That moment is topped
only by the time I stopped a fight by singing. Thing is, being in the middle
like that was extremely wearing. I left a good pension plan and other
benefits because I was plumb worn out at 43.


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