Re: DSM: (Almost) errorless measurement

Robert Swanson (
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 10:14:58 -0800

on 11/9/00 9:20 PM, Bruce Smith at wrote:

> Robert,
> Why the obsession with quantification? I admit that quantifying things can
> be interesting, and has its place. But what is your rationale in this case,
> given the highly limited capacity of numbers to explain human beings?
> Bruce

Bruce and all,
One way for society to be is as a heart felt delight for moving forward with
joy into an adventure with mutual support. Not so in a competitive society
based in fear and intellect. The obsession with qualification and
quantification is pervasive in our society as the intellect's way of
controlling overtly since it has given up heart-control inwardly. Thus are
we dependent on an accurate vote count, the number of product sold, the
price on a can of spinach, etc. The list goes on forever. Just try not
qualifying or quantifying something during any ten minute period of the day.
The intellect spends its whole day analizing in an attempt to understand
itself apart from itself.

One means of making change in our given society is to show the intellect, in
its own terms, that there is a choice to be made.


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