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Yes! I couldn't have said it better. Not only does the sudbury way need a
national spokesperson, but it needs a whole bunch of local people, so that the
movement can catch fire in many places at once. (That might be what we're doing
here -- training each other to be spokespeople for the idea.)

Connie Shaw wrote:

> I think that one of the key elements in effecting change on a large scale is
> what the women's movement used to call "consciousness raising." That has to
> happen for the people who are within the system. The oppressed have to
> realize that they are oppressed. Many kids in traditional schools certainly
> are well aware of that, others are less so. Some of the adults--but far from
> enough--recognize that they are both oppressed by the system and
> perpetuating the oppression. The other part of consciousness raising is
> realizing that there are alternatives to the status quo.
> I think that any movement towards greater freedom can raise people's
> consciousness, whether it comes from within the system or outside it. The
> prevalence of the homeschooling/unschooling movement is probably doing more
> to raise people's awareness about freedom in education than anything else.
> Many people in this country know now someone who is being homeschooled or
> unschooled.
> Ultimately, the oppressive system must be eradicated, but that only happens
> when enough people who are oppressed by it are aware enough to throw off
> their chains. Unfortunately, very few people know about Sudbury schools.
> What the "children's rights/abolish compulsive education movement" needs is
> a very visible, charismatic spokesperson--a Gloria Steinem, or Betty
> Friedan, or Martin Luther King.
> -Connie Shaw

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