Re: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)

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There is an important distinction between child welfare departments and
educational departments.

Theoretically, the State intrudes on children's (and their parents')
liberty via the child welfare system only after there has been an allegation
of child abuse or neglect; ie, someone has done something wrong which
invokes the State's intrusion. There is a system of due process by which to
challenge those intrusions and there are remedies for when the State
oversteps it authority. In my opinion, this system may be flawed, but is
not inherently evil.

The State's interference with one's liberty via compulsory schooling
routinely occurs as a matter of policy even though there are no allegations
of wrong doing by anyone. There is no due process to determine who should
be incarcerated in schools and who should not be. These distinctions make
the difference between systems which are flawed (ie child welfare
departments) and systems which are evil (traditional schools).

There is one ironic over lap where I think the child welfare departments
overstep their mission. That is where families are threatened with losing
custody of their children (via the child welfare department) for failing to
school children as dictated by the State. Get rid of compulsory education,
and this flaw will be eliminated.

Dawn Harkness

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>> I further believe that people of good intent
>> continuing to participate in the system only prolongs its existence.
>> Refusing to participate is revolutionary --
>Point well taken.
>Our Child Welfare system is in dire need of change. Children are dying and
>neglected every day. Should all the people there quit also because they're
>prolonging it's existance? I believe in reform "and" revolution. I would
>carefully choose when to use which.

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