Re: DSM: Civil rights vs Education

Kristin Harkness (
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 15:09:32 -0500

Rick, with all due respect, you pick your tactics and I'll pick mine. While
I have a wild sense of humor, this situation just doesn't tickle my funny
bone. But if I hear of any knee slappers on the subject, I'll be sure to
post them for your repertoire. Me, I'm looking for good old fashioned legal
arguments as to how to dismantle an unjust assault on the civil liberties of
this country's youngest citizens.
Dawn Harkness

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From: Rick Stansberger <>
Date: Sunday, November 12, 2000 2:43 PM
Subject: Re: DSM: Civil rights vs Education

>Kristin Harkness wrote:
>> I believe
>> the traditional educational system is fundamentally evil and morally
>> indefensible.
>Yeah, and you don't have to go there. It's also laughably inefficient.
>Sudbury kids covered six years of school math in 20 classes, that showed
this in
>spades. Heck, anyone who has ever taught themselves about anything knows
>clumsy the classroom approach is, except in very special cases. I think
>win more converts to the cause by laughing at the factory schools for how
>they are than for railing at them for how evil they are. Just a point of

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