Re: DSM: Sharing the SVS model

Rick Stansberger (
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 12:35:47 -0700

Scott Gray wrote:

> Rather, I would
> suggest that public libraries are wholly compatible with the Sudbury
> model.

Yes! Excellent point! "The Sudbury model" is nothing more than allowing people to teach themselves.
Self-teaching is as old as the first self. The Sudbury approach can be found growing wild wherever you have
human beings. When I'm talking one-to-one about our new school, I try to find out about times and places in
which the person I'm talking to has "done a Sudbury" and taught themselves something on their own. Cooking,
quilting, fly fishing, typing -- I've yet to find a man or woman who has not had their Sudbury moments --
and often these moments have formed the core of a life's work.


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